Online Course Curriculum

Classroom & Curriculum Masterclass


    2. Classroom & Curriculum Welcome

    1. Introduction Video: How to Connect your Childcare Mission Statement to your Specific Program

    2. Module One : What Are your Childcare Program Core Vaules

    3. Example of ECE Mission Statements

    4. End of Chapter Educated Mindz Tips Video

    1. Welcome Learning Centers Video

    2. How To Create High Quality Learning Centers.pdf

    3. What Learning Materials Should I Order For Each Leaning Center

    4. How to setup your learning center Tutorial

    5. ECERS Checklist Review Video

    6. Classroom Tour Setup Part One

    7. Classroom Tour Setup Part Two

    8. Floor Plans

    9. Resource Folder

    10. End of Chapter Learning Center Video

    1. Circletime Welcome Video

    2. How To Setup your Circle time

    3. Circle Time Tutorial Video

    4. circletime tutorial

    5. Sparklebox Tutorial

    6. End of Chapter Circle Time Video

    1. Why Classroom community is Essential for Routine

    2. classroom community .pdf

    3. bullentin board examples video

    4. Website for Free Classroom Design

    5. Classroom Downloads

    6. Bullentin Board example Video

    7. End of Chapter Classroom Community

    1. Introduction Video :Daily Schedule

    2. daily schedule .pdf

    3. Daily Schedule

    4. Things to Consider when creating your schedule

    5. Teacher Engagement Support Video

    6. Story Time Lyrics

    7. End of Chapter Video of Daily Schedule

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