Learn How to Start a Profitable Childcare Program

Family or Center

How To Start a Childcare Course Curriculum

(Specifically for students who never started a childcare program before ) If you want to add on Zoom Feature it must be purchased at time of Course

    1. Welcome to Educated Mindz

    1. READ THIS FIRST ...

    2. Client Welcome Kit Workbook

    3. Client Notebook ( Take Notes )

    4. Childcare Series Startup Workbook

    1. Program Overview & Objectives

    1. How to Create Your Childcare Business Plan

    2. Childcare Business Plan

    3. Download Sample Business Plan Template

    4. Secure Funding

    5. How to Set up your Business Financial Profile

    6. Business Funding Checklist

    7. Download Business Funding Checklist

    8. Net 30 Vendors

    9. Credit Bureau Information

    10. Download Childcare Startup Budget

    1. How yo Build Your Business Credit

    1. Goal Planning/ Manifestation

    2. Manifest Your Goals

    3. Client Welcome Kit ( Goal Planning Workbook)

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